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Last week we reported that some aviation operators at Albion Park were dissatisfied with the extended period in which the east-west runway was unavailable.

This is the second, shorter & lighter strip at the airport, favoured by many small aircraft pilots during prevailing westerly winds. Shellharbour Council has made attempts to restore damage caused by truck movements.

There still appears to be no indication of when the runway will again be serviceable.

The new Shellharbour Council CEO, Michael Archer, had a meeting at the airport last week potentially to discuss the east-west runway but also to be briefed on another critical issue, the proposed Tallawarra B Gas Turbine power generator.

The PLUME MODELLING and risk assessment of the new “open cycle” gas turbine concerns pilots and instructors. In this type of gas turbine, the hot air and gases are released vertically – unlike Tallawarra A – and may cause severe air turbulence to small aircraft above.

The power station is operated by Energy Australia – owned by China Light and Power.

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