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The South Coast Writers Centre is hosting a creative meetup at the Kiama Pavilion on Friday, May 27. The main guest on stage will be bestselling author Kate Forsyth in conversation with Professor Bem (sic) Le Hunte.

Kate Forsyth is best known for the retelling of well-known fairy tales as heroic fantasy from a feminist perspective. Her best-known work is Bitter Greens the retelling of the Rapunzel fairy tale mixed with the life story of the woman who first told the tale.

Kate Forsyth will be in conversation with Professor Bem Le Hunte at the South Coast Writers Centre.
IMAGE: South Coast Writers Centre

Professor Le Hunte is the course director of the degree for Creative Intelligence and Innovation at the University of Technology in Sydney.

Following the talk, there will be a networking drinks event called On Creativity.

Search South Coast Writers Centre online for further details https://southcoastwriters.org/upcomingevents.

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