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State politics – particularly the member for Kiama – have been in the news for the wrong reasons this last week. Gareth Ward resumed duties in Macquarie Street after re-election but was immediately snubbed by the Premier.

Chris Minns refused to answer questions until the Parliamentary Ethics and Privileges meets and determines Ward’s future status in the parliament.

You may be wrong if you thought the election process made that decision. Mr Ward has also referred the Premier to the same committee for refusing to answer questions on the floor.

The former Liberal government sacked the Kiama member from his ministerial post and the party and banned his parliament access. The principle of presumption of innocence is key in our legal system & our society but apparently not in our state parliament.

The Independent Member for Kiama tabled a Question on Notice in NSW Parliament to the NSW Minister for Local Government last Thursday in relation to Shoalhaven City Council’s engagement of Bioelektra to manage its waste contract in the wake of the news that Bioelektra is entering voluntary administration.

Mr Ward has asked the Minister to appoint an independent third party to conduct a full investigation.

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