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Well-known horror writer and Jamberoo local Alan Baxter received unexpected international fame when one of his short stories was made into an episode for a Netflix show.

Alan is well known for his gritty supernatural tales set in The Gulp, a fictional reimagining of the town of Kiama.

The series in its third season is called Love Death and Robots, a series of animated short tales by acclaimed animation studios featuring a wide range of genres including comedy, science fiction and fantasy.

Alan Baxter with his supernatural re-imagining of Kiama – The Gulp.
IMAGE: Nicole Wells

The show is produced by acclaimed director David Fincher and the episode written by Alan Baxter is called In Vaulted Tombs Remembered.

A squad of elite space marines encounter alien spiders in their temple deep in an underground complex.

Voices include a number of well-known Hollywood actors including Australian Jai Courtney.

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