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Touchdown Helicopters in local flood rescues
IMAGE: https://touchdownhelicopters.com.au

With roads cut off – sometimes for weeks – property owners have been forced to go airborne to get supplies in and stock out. Calling – Touchdown Helicopters, playing a role in flood relief, including rescuing stranded cows.

Recently they were called to near Sydney to move 3600 ducklings by air that were affected by rising floodwaters.

Chris from Touchdown Helicopters told Kiama Community Radio News that they had been called to Kangaroo Valley to move 60 silage bags. Silage is animal fodder made from harvest waste or mown grass.

The helicopter can carry up to a tonne and a half, and each job is assessed for safety with Touchdown helicopter regularly tasked to dump water on bushfires.

They also were part of the Australia Day flag flyby and this week did an overflight tour of Port Kembla for a visiting Japanese trade delegation looking at hydrogen opportunities.

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