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The Federal seat of Gilmore is set to become established as the centre of the known electoral universe with extremely few votes separating Liberal & Labor. The tight race got even tighter when it was discovered that 300 votes had been misallocated at the Gerringong polling booth.

Vote count error at the Gerringong booth was discovered by online psephologist Kevin Bonham.
IMAGE: KCR Photographer

The error was discovered by online psephologist Kevin Bonham and it meant the gap between previous Labor member Fiona Phillips and Liberal challenger Andrew Constance dropped to only a 4 vote difference. A psephologist is an expert on the process and results of elections.

It was a transposition error where a figure for one candidate was entered online into the system for another candidate.

At last reporting, the difference was back up to a little more than 100 votes in favour of Andrew Constance. Postal votes counting is continuing, and the Electoral Commission has already agreed to a recount of all votes as the margin is so close.

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