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Governance Committee

Secretary and Public Officer

Madeleine Scarfe is an architect with a Masters’ degree in Environmentally Sustainable Design.

She has been running her own business for 20 years as project architect, interior designer, project manager, construction manager and design manager on mainly commercial, retail and residential projects.

Madeleine has an long term commitment to bringing design solutions to the community, volunteering her services to WIRES, a number of projects in Timor Leste, Green Connect (Wollongong) and the Lions Club Carers’ cottage in Kiama.

Paul Macarounas

Paul has had a family association with Kiama dating back to his early years, and eventually moved here permanently after the first Covid lockdown.

With a career of over 20 years trading in financial markets, Paul left the industry to became a Bakers’ Delight franchisee. During the Royal Commission into Banking and Finance Paul began working as a consultant in Markets Regulation and Compliance and eventually moved into a permanent role in this field. As well as his financial expertise, Paul brings to KCR experience on the boards of Sporting Clubs and P&F associations and is thrilled to be involved in a worthy community base organisation.


Gabriela Cabral worked as a singer, musician and actor in the 80s before taking up arts management in the 90s with a special interest in community cultural development.

Gabriela has worked for an array of theatre companies and arts organisations including the Sydney Opera House and UNESCO’s International Theatre Institute.

She was introduced to broadcasting at SBS radio and for six years produced and presented a weekly world music program at Canberra’s ArtSound FM.

Lee Cordner

Lee moved to Kiama in 2004 after a lifetime working around the world. He is an international strategic analyst. He holds a doctorate in politics and international studies, and a master’s in public administration. He is a graduate of the US Naval War College.  During 33 years of active RAN service he commanded several warships and served on the Defence Seaworthiness Board as a reservist.

Lee was the founding CEO of a strategic think tank before moving into academic research. He brings experience as a director and board chair primarily in the not for profit sector. He looks forward to serving the Kiama community through KCR.

Bernie Hems

Bernie Hems has had a career as a school leader in the UK and Australia. Now retired, she finds joy in connecting with the community through KCR. Hosting a morning programme allows her to engage in conversations with the vibrant local residents, who each possess unique stories. Bernie cherishes these interactions as opportunities to celebrate the rich tapestry of experiences that make Kiama such a special place.

Gary Ryan

Gary lives in Kiama and loves the lifestyle here. He cares about community and contributes by getting involved with community groups – including Kiama Community Radio. He brings to them the knowledge and skills gained from his work and life experiences.

Now retired, Gary most recently worked for the NSW Chamber of Commerce providing support and assistance to small businesses on the south coast. This was after a diverse career doing everything from oyster farming to telecommunications technician to wine education to corporate marketing.

Glenn Shepherd

Glenn Shepherd moved to the Illawarra in 1976 when he commenced a metallurgy traineeship at the steelworks. He met his wife-to-be Kerry while travelling in Europe in 1980 and they moved to Kiama shortly after.

Glenn retired from the steel industry after 40 years of service with BlueScope Steel. He worked across Australia and New Zealand in a Safety Management and Operation Improvement role.

It was during that time Glenn was exposed to Community Radio and found local radio invaluable in understanding more about the local region, its attractions and its residents.

Glenn has been involved with KCR since its inception as its sports reporter, and is currently one of KCR’s main presenters. He also volunteers in the Aged Care Sector, and with local sports clubs.

Glenn is the Chair of the Governance Committee. 


David Toohey grew up in Bowral and established a business providing RF communications, audio-visual and broadcasting services nationally.

He has worked with major companies such as the Retravision group, Movielink and the David Syme Group on the Darling Harbour Convention and Exhibition Centre’s AV & broadcast services.

David was a foundation member of radio 2WKT (Highland FM). He is currently the Managing Director of CommStream, and works as a project manager in broadcast, IT and Tertiary education.

David lives in Foxground and is a staunch supporter of KCR’s dream of growing into an FM radio station.

KCR’s Volunteers


Kiama Community Radio is proud to recognise the following friends who had the vision of founding a local radio service as a resource, at a time when the community needed to connect, during the 2020 pandemic.

  • Graeme Gherashe
  • Karen Lang
  • Madeleine Scarfe
  • Gabriela Cabral
  • Diana McLaren
  • Helen Lear
  • Laura Hill
  • Glenn Shepherd

Also our gratitude to the KCR members who made a significant financial contribution at a critical time in our station’s history: the beginning. You know who you are. Thank you.

And to those individuals who see what needs to be done and give from their hearts, the KCR volunteers. Thank you.

KCR is grateful to all volunteers who gave and continue to give generously their time and skills towards establishing a community radio service in the Kiama Municipality.

We cannot measure the contribution of each volunteer, and we should not single out any one of them, as they have all been instrumental in helping KCR grow from a dream to an operating radio service.

Yet KCR would not have been able to transition from a podcasting service to a live streaming service without the skills a particularly generous volunteer.

David Toohey

David Toohey worked for months setting up the radio studio with donated (and often his own) equipment and continues to fine tune the technology as we broadcast live.


Peter Smith, who set up KCR’s studio software, created the KCR app and its website, plus advised us on marketing, on database building and became an essential asset to the organisation behind the scenes, with no need for fanfare or recognition. We would like to recognise your incredible contribution, Peter. Thank you!