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View of the Minnamurra River
IMAGE: https://www.saveminnamurrariver.org/media

Friends of Minnamurra River have complained to the NSW Environmental Protection Authority about possible sand mining debris washing into the Minnamurra River. 

They have asked that the source of the debris from recent high rainfall be investigated and every measure taken to prevent it from recurring.

The Friends chair Will Chyra told the Kiama Bugle there is a 120-metre fan of sand and debris covering the river bank, walking track and reserve, only metres from where Rocklow Creek flows into the river downstream from the sand mining site.

The Bugle has published photos of orange plastic buoys which are claimed to be similar to buoys used on the site. The Friends of Minnamurra have warned the debris will affect the local wildlife’s food sources, and further rain will move the debris down toward the mouth of the river. 

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