Our Programs

Mornings on KCR - Monday - Friday 7am - 9am

Breakfast with Rachael, Bernie, Peter, Lee and Glenn

Weekdays 7-9am

A hyper-local radio program featuring the latest community news, talk, personalities and the best music. Weather, banter and Kiama happenings. 

Local News with Stephen Bourke

Compiled by Mark Whalan.

Tues 9am, Wed 12pm, Thu 6pm

A comprehensive round-up of local news, views and events from the Kiama LGA regions and surrounds.

What’s On

With Carolyn Horky –       Mondays at 9am &12pm,             Fridays at 8:55,12pm & 5pm        

Looking for things to do in the Kiama LGA? Carolyn will give you a quick run through of exhibitions, workshops, markets, classes and community events.

Around the Arenas

With Glenn Shepherd –    Mondays at 5pm,             Tuesdays at 2pm,                     and Saturdays at 11am

A comprehensive local sports round-up featuring the latest results and interviews with the champions.

Mornings on KCR - Monday - Friday 7am - 9am

Saturday Morning with Brian Warren

Saturdays at 9-11am

A mix of music, information, film reviews and newsy bits to start the weekend.

Mornings on KCR - Monday - Friday 7am - 9am

Sonic Youth

With Ellen Nilan                 Sunday  10am-12 midday

Rev up your Sunday morning with Ellen’s mix of new and interesting recent music.  Let’s get with the programme guys!


Weekend Feature - KCR Radio

Weekend Feature

From KCR’s Podcast Archive – Saturday & Sunday at 2pm

A fascinating selection of local interviews and new and historical happenings featured in our podcast series and supplemented with new documentaries about locals and the local scene.

Mornings on KCR - Monday - Friday 7am - 9am

History of the Hits

With Peter Sullivan
Tuesday at 7-9pm

Join Peter for his programme dedicated to bringing you the best in Australian and international blues, R&B. soul,  funk and a bit of Jazz.

Great listening On KCR,  where Tuesday is Bluesday.

Weekend Feature - KCR Radio

Mad’s Playlist

With Madeleine Scarfe
Fridays 4pm, Sunday 1pm

While setting up and maintaining KCR’s music library, Madeleine has noticed threads and themes that link music from all eras and genres, and she’d like to share them with you.

Mornings on KCR - Monday - Friday 7am - 9am

New Yorker Downunder

With Steven Peacock
Mondays at 6pm-8pm

Stephen Peacock loves music: funky music, interesting music, international music and presents a selection for you in his laidback, New Yorker style

Global Vibes

With Gabriela Cabral
Tuesdays at 4pm

Gabi takes you on a journey around the world through the one universal language –music! Hear what people on other continents are listening to from the comfort of home.

The Blues

With Tim Lancaster

Wednesdays  4-6pm

Seasoned blues specialist Tim guides you through the blues. From Buddy to Muddy and everything in between.

Jazz Nights

With Tom Parker
Sundays at 8-10pm

The veteran jazz specialist presents shamelessly nostalgic jazz and blues for that Sunday night vibe you’re after.

Aussie Flavoured

With Stephen Bourke
Wednesdays, 7-8pm

A look at the stories, the icons and the music produced Down Under over the years. There’s noting Stephen doesn’t know about Australian music.

Coco’s Outback Club

With Coco Comber      Wednesdays 8-9pm

Welcome to Coco’s Outback club where Coco will take you on a tour of Australian Counctry music, new and old.

The Sow and Grow Show

With Felicity, Fiona, Joe and Jane Fridays 9-10am

The sow and grow team will help you keep on top of what’s going on in your garden, specific to the conditions in the Kiama LGA and just in time for the weekend!

Sonic Youth

With Ellen Nilan    Sundays 10am-midday

Energise your Sunday with new and interesting music  with Ellena!


Listen Lively

From the KCR music library                               every day from 6-10am

Especially selected music and tracks to get you up with a smile on your face and a swing in your step, ready to face the day while the coffee is brewing.

Smooth & Funky

From the KCR music library                        every day 10pm – 6am

Kick up your heels with our smooth and funky music selection during the daylight hours. Finger-snapping, toe-tapping music and songs that are still shaping musical generations.

After Hours

From the KCR music library                         every day 6pm – 10pm

A smooth vibe to keep you grooving around the kitchen while you prepare dinner with a glass of wine after a busy day.

Party Music

From the KCR music library                Saturdays 6-10pm

The party mood is in full swing on Saturday night, featuring lively dance classics and music to keep you bopping over the barbecue.

Night Vibe

From the KCR music library                      10pm- 6am every night

In the late hours of the evening and the early hours of the morning, tune into KCR’s night vibe, some relaxing and more unusual music to keep you company overnight. Bliss…

Night Vibe

From the KCR music library 10pm- 6am every night

In the late hours of the evening and the early hours of the morning, tune into KCR’s night vibe, some relaxing and more unusual music to keep you company overnight. Bliss…