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At the Old Fire Station

  • Until 26 April, Nicole Grimm-Heweitt’s exhibition ‘Heart’s Compass’, exploring the intrinsic beauty of the ocean, along with marine life and the surrounding native animals and birds
  • The from 28 April to 3 May, ‘Collective 23’ is showing. Collective 23 is a group of four local photographers who produce creative, intimate and personal landscape interpretations.

At Fern Street

  • Until 30 April, Carmel McCarney’s ‘Daydreaming’ exhibition. Carmel’s very pretty work aims to bring the viewer a sense of nostalgia, evoking happy memories or creating positive thoughts of what is to come.

At Seven marks Gallery

  • Until 27 May, Chick Butcher’s ‘Vault’ exhibition, a series of unhurried studies that derive from introspection.
  • And Until 30 June, Mathew Heaney’s exhibition ‘East Coast Low’ is also on

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