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Friday 17 June

  • Sam Baker & Homer are playing at Little Bettys

Saturday 18 June

  • Gus Abiz at Kiama Leagues
  • Emily-Rose and The Wild Things at Fillmores
  • Strangers in Gotham are playing at Kiama Golf Club

Sun 19 June

  • Just For Fun, at Kiama Leagues
  • Chris and Larry will be performing at Stoic from 3-6 pm

Friday 24 June

  • Lincoln Piper is playing at Torys
  • The Bernies are playing at Little Bettys

Sat 25 Jun

  • Dirty Grooves are playing at Kiama Leagues
  • There‚Äôs a karaoke night on at Torys

Sun 26 June

  • Scotty Burford is playing at Kiama Leagues
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