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Friday 19 August

  • Sara Berki is playing at Little Bettys
  • Micheal Bond is playing at Torys
  • Tall Shaun and the Resolution Blues are playing at Fillmores

Sat 20 August

  • Raave Tapes, Rainbow Riders and Palto/Guise are playing at Kiama Bowlo
  • The Missing Linc are playing at Torys

Sun 21 August

  • Deadly Sets with Matty Walker at Jambaroo Pub
  • Lloyd Spiegel is playing at Fillmores
  • Jacqui Boyd is playing from 2 at Stoic Brewery

Friday 26 August

  • Synthetic Love Machine (Stripped Back) are playing at Little Bettys
  • Karaoke night hosted by Raven at Kiama Bowlo
  • Tanya Ransom is playing at Fillmores
  • Quini are playing at torys

Sat 27 August

  • Karaoke night at Torys
  • Pure Diamond, a Neil Diamond Tribute Show, is on at Kiama Golf Club
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