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What now – Kiama Council? This week’s extraordinary meeting voted down the sale of the Terralong Street properties pending consideration of what was termed ‘other options.’

The mayor has said elsewhere that the market has considerable interest in purchasing the aged care facilities. The extraordinary meeting of the council, due to the extraordinary public interest, was conducted at the Pavilion.

There was an extensive discussion with councillors able to express their views on a full agenda. Council has a considerable debt to service in the short term. There is the Croxford Way and the other way to achieve that end. The chair of the Blue Haven Action group (for the latter) was pleased with Tuesday’s result & is dug in for further action.

The official word is that the tender for Bonaira is expected to go live in April. Council anticipates this process could be resolved by the end of the year.

Council will begin working through the next steps for last Tuesday’s Extraordinary Meeting agenda items and will keep the community up to date.

There is more detail on the meeting on the Kiama Council website.

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